4 Cottages, 6 Rooms
In-Home Meals

Connect with Nature

Let the warmth of nature embrace you, re-energise and rejuvenate you like never before. Witness the wonders of the virgin landscapes unfold right before your eyes.

Connect with ADVENTURE

Grab your hiking shoes and venture deeper into the jungles, explore the rolling hills through mountain biking, trek to the waterfalls, set your cameras right to capture the scenic beauty – Be prepared for an unparalleled experience.

Connect with Self

Amidst the cacophony of the birds, discover the beauty of silence. Feel at home in the wilderness and take an inward journey or indulge in other holistic treatments for physical and spiritual well-being.

Live Barbecue

Enjoy a barbecue set up along with your bonfire or have it ordered to your cottages. 


Choose from half an hour to upto 3 hour treks either to the mountain top or waterfall.


Get to ride our own All Terrain Vehicle through the course amisdt our walnut orchard. 


Practise archery like our forefathers did but with modern semi-pro bows.


Play a range of fun games like Badminton, football, cricket, darts, croquet, golf, volleyball and table tennis.

Massage Spa

Relax with a well deserved Jacuzzi and Sauna, surrounding your senses with nature. 

Yoga & Meditation

Request for yoga or meditation sessions to revitalise your body and mind. 

Forest Bathing

A Japanese form of bringing psychological and medical benefits by simply walking without distractions amidst a forest.

Tarot Reading

Gain insight into your life with predictions made by a professional tarot card reader (on request).

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