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CApt. Vikrant Singh Lohan

I have retired from the Merchant Navy after traveling around the world for 30 years as a Master Mariner. Having seen almost all the beautiful places on earth, I have finally found paradise.

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I lived in Australia for 2 years in 1984 and 1989 while studying at RMIT, Melbourne. Having seen almost all the beautiful places on earth, I decided to anchor myself in between Dehradun and Mussoorie. The Britishers took a fancy to Mussoorie and during its hey days, it had some of the best breweries in India like the McEnnon brewery and The Mc Enzie brewery. I found the Dolina in 2006. It took me 10 years to slowly develop this mountain, ensuring that we disturbed no living creature on the mountain and at the same time maintain the ecological balance of nature at this remote mountain. This location is a funnel shaped valley with a walnut orchard and is resident to some of the most beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna. Our aim was to become one with nature and all the original habitants of this place.

Like in all mountain dwellings water is the most essential commodity. We are lucky to have spring and supply only natural spring water to all our residents. I am very passionate about this property and want to have minimum carbon foot prints at this location.

Nature has no pollutants. We bring garbage and pollution where ever we go. So at the Dolina, I ensure that we leave no traces of human waste and we have a strict garbage regulation.

In my 10 years of developing the Dolina, nature showed me so many things that I felt Dolina should be shared with all nature lovers, and so I started a homestay at the Dolina. I interacted with the locals and villages nearby, the shepherds who come down from the high altitudes for grazing their flocks of sheep and goats during the winters. I learnt a lot of local knowledge and history about the area.

I trekked all around the mountain upto 3 kilometres on all sides of the Dolina and realised the abundance of wild-life, some resident and some migratory on the mountain. I hope that we can continue to live in harmony with all creatures great and small at the Dolina.


Driving Directions


  • Mussoorie – 15 km
  • Landour – 20 km
  • Dehradun city – 24 km
  • Railway station – 26 km
  • Airport – 52 km
  • Dhanaulti – 55 km
  • Chandigarh – 190 km
  • Delhi – 270 km

Dolina Retreat does not provide any taxi services yet.

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