Rain, snow and hot Pakoras.
Imagine sitting in a glass dining room and watching rainfall turn to snow fall, a green ground, table tops, garden umbrellas, chairs and a badminton court covered in snow!!

This is the January- February experience.
It snows about 2-3 times a year during these months and we can predict when it will snow at least 5 days in advance.
The roads remain open and the cold water does not freeze up in the lines.
We are at the snow line, so the snow melts on the same or maximum the very next day.
The dogs love to play in the snow. Everything looks like an Alpine landscape.
The shepherds come lower down and are visible grazing all around the mountain sides.
Wild life takes a winter turn and have ample water to drink all over the mountain tops as the snow melts.
Bon fires, hugging the heaters, bed warmers, hot and ample water for bathing is the call of the hour .
Snuggling up – a favourite past time in this weather.
You feel very hungry in winter, as the body is busy burning sugar to keep you warm.
Come March and everything changes. New blossoms, new foliage, plenty of birds and clear blue skies.
Come and enjoy the season of winter and spring at Dolina.
Nature will not disappoint you.

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