The hills have a charm like no other. One of the best things about these mountain landscapes is that they serve as a perfect playground for adventure activities of varied kinds. No wonder thrill seekers are always on a lookout for a perfect escape to quench their thirst for more fun. When this adventure gets combined with picture-perfect vistas, comfort, luxury, and hospitality, the experience is pure magic. If you are looking for this kind of vacation, plan a trip to the Dolina. This beautiful resort lies tucked in on the Himalayan hills and is a hotspot for action-packed activities ranging from extreme adventures like mountain biking and trekking to soft activities like nature walks.

The Dolina is surrounded by thick forests that are home to an array of wildlife. Go on an expedition and discover the animals and birds that are the residents of the hills here. Tie your shoelaces and set out to explore the outdoor scenery, the dense jungles and the rolling hills; to treat your muscles further, go on an adventurous bike ride. Trek to the waterfalls and natural springs for an exciting experience.

There are many famous landmarks around the resort. You can easily explore them through treks.

Here’s a list of the most popular activities at the Dolina.

  1. Forest bathing
  2. Treks ranging from half day to full day, which includes treks to Mussoorie, the Library, Rikholi Village, Naag Mandir
  3. Treks between our properties on the mountain
  4. A trek to Badhraj Temple (on request). This involves being driven to the base and then the adventurous trek starts. This is a 1-day round trip.
  5. Trek to George Everest
  6. Trek to Shepherds Deras
  7. Trek to the waterfall, natural pool (in summer)
  8. Mountain Biking
  9. Motorcycle Rentals – Bullet Motorbikes
  10. ATV rides within the orchards
  11. Bird watching (in summer)
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