A vacation with the family is a time to live priceless happy moments and to create memories that linger in our senses for a long time. There’s nothing more satisfying than a happy time with the family. An ideal holiday, however, requires an ideal destination – a place where you can unwind with your kids through a series of activities.

The Dolina is nothing short of a surprise in a tiny packet. It’s here where you can unwind in the best possible way with your little ones- whatever their age.

Family vacations give you the much-needed time to relax at your own pace. This family time is important because it offers a chance to create memories for a lifetime, without worrying about work and other regular stuff.

The Dolina has it all – atmosphere, access and vibes that makes it the right choice. There’s so much to do together that you’ll possibly experience one of your best vacations out here!

The Dolina is surrounded by natural beauty. Forests, waterfalls and trekking trails offer the playground to indulge in fun-filled activities. Furthermore, there are many famous landmarks as well, of Mussoorie and Dehradun where you can take your little one for a dose of knowledge.

Children and young adults are mostly the outdoor types and so even if you decide to go nowhere, you can absolutely enjoy the natural surroundings, talk about the forests and trees and enjoy the company of birds, once in a while. Their chirping sounds are sure to delight your senses. This is the place where you can discover the little joys that make a big difference. You can just stand there,  gaze at the hills and appreciate the bounties of nature.

The Dolina serves great food prepared from fresh produce and no alcohol is served at the property. These are also some of the reasons why you should consider this homestay for your next family vacation.

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